Mediation in real estate

 "Menadžer nekretnine" have specific image and organization certainly is one of the leading real estate agencies in the country. Real estate services we provide are:

Most activities mediation in the purchase and sale of real estate:
  • Houses
  • Apartaments
  • Land
  • buildings (commercial, residential, residential - commercial, economic, etc.)
  • Shops, offices and business suites
  • Garage and parking spaces
Liabilities "Menadžer nekretnina" mediation in real estate are:
  • to conclude a Brokerage contract with the customer in writing;
  • seeks to find and link with Principal face to concluding a legal transaction and that Principal objective opinion about the price of real estate;
  • to examine documents proving the right of ownership or other real rights on real estate whose trade is subject to mediation;
  • to perform the necessary actions in order to present the real estate market;
  • that the manner and time as agreed to carry out direct presentation of real estate to interested parties (tour of the real assets with potential buyers)
  • to maintain the confidentiality of personal information of the Customer;
  • to inform the Principal of any circumstances relevant for the particular transaction known to him;
  • to mediate in negotiations and trying to reach the conclusion of the Agreement
  • at its own expense provide expert legal assistance (lawyer) related to the preparation of agreements, contracts and other necessary documentation;
  • to be present at the conclusion of the buying and selling of real estate
  • to attend the handover of real estate and drafting of the Minutes of the handover
  • to keep records of mediation